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Welcome! Bent & Twisted finally has a website.


This is Tom Ken's website manager. Ken is very humble and prefers to let his work speak for itself. So I'll tell you what I know about Ken The Artist. I've known Ken for over 40 years. The first time I saw his artistic talent he was making metal chess sets. For the last 20 years he has designed hundreds if not thousands Floral Design Metal Sculptures for participants in Flower Arranging Exhibitions. Ken attends around 10 shows a year as a vendor including The World Flower Show in Boston in 2011 and has attended all the National Floral conventions. He is well known for his pieces many of which along with the floral arranger have received numerous awards. His work has been featured in the in the 2009 edition of Flower Arranging - The American Way published by The World Association of Flower Arrangers. and has appeared numerous times in the National Garden Club Vision of Beauty yearly calenders.

What others are saying about Ken's work.

Hi Ken,

"I wanted to say how much I love using your metal sculptures in my designs! I have had so much luck with winning blues, top design awards when I have chosen to use your metal sculptures. I love your creative genius with the containers! "

Blooms for you,

(Sylvia Deck, Fundraising Chair and Judge, Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland

Dear Ken,It was a pleasure to have you and your products participate in the 84th Annual Convention of National Garden Club’s “RainShine”, Your unique products provided our members the opportunity to shop at their convenience. Thank you for your contributions in making our Convention a success.Judy S, Vendor Co-Chairman

I loved the sculpture

Marge M.

Hi Ken,
My sculpture and add-ons arrived this morning in perfect condition! Didn't realize I'd get those cute needle flower holders too. LOVELY!!!! I'm so excited!!!! hugs to you .


I have received the sculptures. They're amazing.

Thank you so much. Also thanks for sending so promptly.

Louise NJ


In the month since we've been active we appreciate all who have visited our website. Thanks to your feedback we have become aware many of our customers are not that familiar with purchasing on-line. By the way I'm Tom. I manage the website. So please if you have any general questions or problems ordering or checking out please call me anytime at 414-243-1290 and I will walk you through the process step by step. I'm also available by e-mail at

If you have any questions or problems please call (414) 243-1290(TOM), (414) 258-7902(KEN) or Email us at We will respond promptly.
From Ken

I now have a website featuring an E-commerce Store. You can now order any of my Metal Floral Design Containers and Add-Ons.

Since each item is hand made. I am able to make most items close to the size and shape shown on the website. If you need your design to be larger, smaller or have a different finish, I can probably accommodate you.

If you have a deadline for an upcoming event you've entered and/or if nothing on the website fits the category you are in, call me, and we'll put our heads together.

Don't forget these!

MAGNET TUBES $8 ea. (includes 2 magnets) HEIGHT APPROX. 3-4" HOLLOW WITH 1 SEALED END
Makes it easy to rearrange your design.
These are used to hold flowers and can be attached and moved to any part of the steel sculptures. Most of my customers use these to easily change the look of their designs. They will not work on brass or aluminum.

Remember to invite me to events such as conventions, symposiums, and judges' council. If I am unable to attend, I can send you some containers. One box holds approximately seven pieces. I'll pay shipping and 15% of sales to you.

For Metal Floral Design Containers:
Items shipped via Fed Express or US Postal Service
All shipping rates are calculated at 20% of Sale Price of item purchased.
All items are hand made by Ken and due to the unique sizes and shapes each one requires special packaging. Delivery times will vary according to the items ordered.

I you have any questions feel free to call me at (414) 258-7902 or e-mail me at